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Apologies for absence


Declaration of Interests by Councillors or Officers

TO RECEIVE any declarations for the following in so far as they relate to the business for the meeting:-


  1. Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
  2. Other Significant Interests (what were previously thought of as non-pecuniary Prejudicial interests)
  3. Voluntary Announcements of Other Interests i.e. relevant memberships


Voluntary Announcements of Other Interests not required to be disclosed as DPI’s or OSI’s, ie announcements made for transparency reasons alone, such as:

·       Membership of outside bodies that have made representations on agenda items, or

·       Where a Councillor knows a person involved, but does not have a close association with that person, or

·       Where an item would affect the well-being of a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc but not his/her financial position.


[Note: an effect on the financial position of a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc; OR an application made by a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc, would both probably constitute either an OSI or in some cases a DPI].


Petitions or Questions

Any member of the public may present a petition or put a question provided that it is supported by not less than 15 signatories and has given notice to the Democratic Services not later than 12.30pm on Wednesday 17 July 2019.


The Chief Executive will report verbally any notifications received within the prescribed time limit regarding any petitions or questions for the meeting.


Other than in accordance with the Council’s Petition Scheme no debate shall take place upon any matter put before the council by way of petition.


No debate shall take place upon any matter put before the council by way of question except at the discretion of the Lord Mayor, when the Leader or Chair of an appropriate committee may respond. The Leader or the Chair may agree to a written response being sent on behalf of the council.


The Lord Mayor, at his discretion, may determine the order in which the petitions and / or questions are taken.


It is the usual practice to refer any petitions or questions to the relevant decision-making body or if there is a related item on the agenda they will be considered at the meeting.


Under the Council’s Petition Scheme -


Duplicate Petitions will not be accepted (Where more than one petition is received in time for a particular meeting, each supporting the same outcome on one matter, each petition organiser will be treated as an independent organiser, but only the petition organiser of the first petition will be invited to address the relevant meeting).


Repeat Petitions will not be accepted (Where a petition will not normally be considered where they are received within six months of another petition being considered by the authority on the same matter).



TO RECEIVE any announcements by the Lord Mayor, chairmen of committees or the Chief Executive


Councillors Questions

To answer any questions from Councillors under Rule 10 of the Council Procedure Rules.


Details of any questions received will be reported at the meeting.


(Note: There is a time limit of one minute for asking a question and three minutes for its answer, with supplementary questions being allowed, with a total of 30 minutes for all questions).


Section 5 Monitoring Officer's Report on East Kent Housing pdf icon PDF 81 KB

TO CONSIDER the report of the Monitoring Officer.


Recommendations from Policy and Resources Committee held on 10 July 2019

Councillors must read the reports of the Policy and Resources Committee meeting of 10 July 2019 relating to these items – they can be viewed online here or via the app.


The recommendations of that meeting will be circulated for the Council meeting.




East Kent Housing - Gas Safety Certificates (minute 187)

That this report is adopted as the response of the council to the Monitoring Officer in accordance with the requirements of Section 5 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, and that a copy of it be provided to all councillors and the Monitoring Officer.


That a further report is prepared on the wider issues of housing management for this council and to commence consultation with the council’s tenants as soon as practicable on withdrawal from East Kent Housing (EKH) including the option of bringing the housing management function back within the council’s control.


Waste Collection and Street Cleansing Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo) (minute 172)

(a)    The establishment of a Local Authority Trading Company to manage the council’s Waste Collection and Street Cleansing services from January 2021.

(b)    To delegate to the Chief Executive in consultation with the group leaders the implementation of the set-up of the company to include all governance, legal, financial and procurement matters.



Council Tax Support Scheme (minute 178)

To consult on the proposed Council Tax Support Scheme for 2020/21 as set out in the report.



Recommendations from the Policy and Resources Committee 17 July 2019

Councillors must read the reports of the Policy and Resources Committee meeting of 17 July 2019 relating to the notice of motion this can be viewed online here or via the app.


Notice of motion: Reducing carbon emissions (Climate Change)

1.       That a climate change emergency be declared by Canterbury City Council;


2.       That in response to this emergency the Council sets a target to reduce its carbon emissions to net zero by 2030 in its corporate plan and set annual targets to meet this commitment ensuing robust, transparent monitoring is in place.


3.       That all future reports to council include an Environmental Impact Assessment.


4.       That a councillor working group be set up to oversee the development of the Council’s approach to climate change including drawing up a strategy and action plan to reduce its carbon emissions to net zero by 2030;


5.       That there be an annual report back to this Committee on progress made in implementing actions to reduce carbon emissions;


6.       That the Council lobbies the government on climate change and seeks to be a pilot authority for government initiatives in this area;


7.       That the Council works all stakeholders including housing developers and builders and with other public bodies and organisations in the District and across Kent to jointly reduce carbon emissions, including setting up a Canterbury Climate Change Board to develop a joint action plan with those bodies;


8.       That officers report back to this Committee on how the reprovision of the Council’s Military Road offices can be made carbon neutral;


9.       That in setting up the new refuse collection LATCO and letting its next park and ride contract the Council seeks to provide the most environmentally friendly method of service delivery;


10.    That the review of the local plan and the transport strategy be used to improve the energy efficiency and carbon neutrality of future developments;


11.    That £500,000 be set aside in a climate change reserve to fund one off actions required to meet carbon reduction targets (to be funded from the General Fund reserve);


12.    That a citizens assembly, as a first priority, be explored by the Councillor Working Group and Climate Change Board; and that crowd funding of carbon reduction initiatives and independent peer review of  the council progress towards its reduction in emissions also be assessed.


13.    That the Council agrees to add a member to the Plastic Free Herne Bay strategic group and that it supports plastic free initiatives in the area; and


14.    That the information provided in response to the resolutions of the April Committee in appendices 3 and 4 be noted.


Notices of Motion


Notice of Motion: Climate Change

Proposed by Cllr Mike Sole

Seconded by Cllr Alex Ricketts


“This Council notes;

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s warning that we have 12 years to make the necessary changes to limit a rise in global temperatures to 1.5c. Failure to act will see a marked increase in sea levels and flooding, extreme and abrupt changes to weather patterns, crop failures, extinctions of plant, insect and animal species and global economic disruption and crisis. This will detrimentally impact on the well-being of the people of Canterbury and billions of people around the world.

At the Global Climate Talks in Poland last December the UK along with over 200 nations agreed action on Climate Change with a much greater role strongly implied for Local and Regional Authorities like Canterbury City Council in assisting Governments achieve their carbon emission savings.


We therefore resolve to:

1. Declare a Climate Emergency and publicise this to the people of Canterbury to raise awareness, and support the public to take effective action.

2. Request Council initiate a full Environmental Audit of Canterbury City Council to measure its carbon footprint, identify hotspots and work toward being carbon neutral in line with the latest targets set and agreed by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; reporting to the first meeting of the working party, referred to at 5 below on the scope of the environmental audit

3. To make significantly improving our recycling rate an essential component of the review of the waste collection and disposal service that will replace the current Serco contract.

4. Develop fully sustainable carbon-neutral solutions to transport in Canterbury. These will include much improved public transport, park & ride expansion, electric buses and taxis, greater pedestrianisation, pedestrian priority, more useful cycle routes, an Ultra Low Emissions Zone in the city centre, etc.

5. To set up a Councillor Working Party with a remit to:

a) Commission and oversee the Environmental Audit

b) Consult expert opinion in the field, as appropriate

c) Identify practical measures to reduce emissions and the Council’s carbon footprint

d) encourage action in the wider community, businesses and other key organisations

e) Report to Full Council within six months with an action plan to address the Emergency and incorporating proposals on the investment implications of this proposed activity

6. The Council to consider Environmental Impact as part of any new policy

7. The Council to seek to collaborate with other Local and Regional Authorities on emission reduction projects as appropriate. The Leader of the Council to write to the Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry requesting that national policy is urgently developed to reflect the seriousness of the current emergency and to release funds to local authorities that would allow them to take the necessary measures at local level.”


Notice of Motion: Climate Emergency

Proposed Councillor Pat Edwards

Seconded Councillor Mel Dawkins


“Canterbury City Council declares a ‘Climate Emergency’ that requires urgent action.


Council notes that the impact of climate breakdown is already causing serious damage across the world. That the Special Report on Global Warning of 1.5C, published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in October 2018 (a) describes the enormous harm that a 2.0C average rise in global temperatures is likely to cause compared with a 1.5Crise, and (b) confirms that limiting Global Warming to 1.5C may still be possible with ambitious action from national and sub-national authorities, civil society and the private sector.


Council therefore commits to the following:



Reduction of Environmental Impact will underpin the Corporate Plan which will incorporate annual targets and actions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

A baseline assessment of our carbon footprint in 2020 will be made accessible and annual targets set against this in the Corporate Plan. Monitoring carbon emissions, including particulates and giving the public real time monitoring of progress towards clean air will be undertaken to support the targets.

Transparent reporting on the data sent to Government (Canterbury’s Carbon Footprint Report) will be included and all data will be on the website.


CCC will adopt a Climate Change Strategy by the end of 2019.  This stand-alone strategy will capture all relevant existing Policy and ensure the framework exists within its pages to integrate new Climate Change specific Policy as it evolves.


CCC will facilitate a Climate Change Board for Canterbury District by January 2020 which will bring together scientific scrutiny, climate change experts, local business, Council functions and the residents of the District of all ages.

The Climate Change Board will collaboratively develop new ideas and concepts to reduce the Districts carbon footprint, tackle associated pollution problems and scrutinize the progress of the District toward meeting targets set out in the Councils climate change Strategy.  It will identify matters of concern and freely offer expert advice on improving outcomes.

The Climate Change Board will operate until at least 2050 reporting openly every six months and not as a function of the Council.”


Notice of motion: Sports forum

Proposed by Matthew Jones-Roberts

Seconded by Joe Howes


We are incredibly lucky, across the district, to have many wonderful sporting and leisure facilities, as well as teams and individuals who go on to represent their county and country at the highest level. We also pay tribute to those who give up their time to ensure so many sporting opportunities exist.


However, we know that resources are scarce and that clubs and sportspeople face challenges in participation. We also know there are growing demands from female athletes, the trans community, those with a disability and others and we, as a council, wish to play our part in helping to meet these challenges and respond to these demands.


Therefore, this Council will work to establish a district-wide Sports Forum to allow players, clubs, societies, universities, schools and other interested parties to work together to ensure a wide-range of sporting opportunities remain accessible to all into the future.



Appointment of outside bodies pdf icon PDF 86 KB

TO CONSIDER the report of the Chief Executive.


Changes to memberships of committees and sub/committees for the remainder of the council year 2019/20

To note the following from the nominations of the Group Leader regarding changes to the membership of committees/sub-committees for the remainder of the council year 2019/20.


Add the following as full members in order to fulfil current vacancies:


Decision Review Committee – Louise Harvey-Quirke

Decision Review Committee – Ian Thomas

Planning Committee - Neil Baker

Planning Sub-Committee – Neil Baker

Policy and Resources Committee – Ashley Clark

Policy and Resources Sub-Committee – Dan Watkins

Standards Committee – Ian Thomas


Add the following as reserve members to fulfil current vacancies:


Audit Committee – Ian Thomas (reserve)

Planning Committee - Anne Dekker (reserve)

Whitstable Harbour Board – Robert Thomas (reserve)





Council - Wednesday, 22 May 2019 pdf icon PDF 71 KB

TO CONFIRM as a true record the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 22 May 2019.


To receive the following minutes of the meetings specified and to receive questions and answers on any of the minutes

(Note: By virtue of Article 17.03 of the Council Procedure Rules there shall be no amendment to resolved minutes, save on the written advice from the Monitoring Officer and/or the Chief Financial Officer).



Audit Committee - Wednesday, 16 May 2018 pdf icon PDF 44 KB


Community Committee - Wednesday, 26 June 2019 pdf icon PDF 82 KB


Governance Committee - Wednesday, 3 April 2019 pdf icon PDF 85 KB


Licensing Committee - Friday, 24 May 2019 pdf icon PDF 56 KB


Licensing Sub-Committee - Tuesday, 28 May 2019 pdf icon PDF 52 KB


Planning Committee - Tuesday, 2 April 2019 pdf icon PDF 87 KB


Planning Committee - Tuesday, 30 April 2019 pdf icon PDF 94 KB


Planning Committee - Tuesday, 4 June 2019 pdf icon PDF 89 KB


Policy and Resources Committee - Wednesday, 17 April 2019 pdf icon PDF 100 KB


Regeneration and Property Committee - Thursday, 23 May 2019 pdf icon PDF 72 KB


Regeneration and Property Committee - Thursday, 27 June 2019 pdf icon PDF 73 KB


Whitstable Harbour Board - Friday, 12 April 2019 pdf icon PDF 70 KB


Whitstable Harbour Board - Friday, 14 June 2019 pdf icon PDF 86 KB


To receive any notices of urgent decisions made by the Chief Executive under delegation A3

Add this item to the issues generated when the officer decision was published.


Any other urgent business to be dealt with on the night


Any other urgent business which falls under the exempt provisions of the Local Government Act 1972 or the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or both

It will be necessary to pass a resolution to exclude the press and the public if any business is to be considered under this item.