Venue: The Guildhall, St Peter's Place, Canterbury

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No. Item


Apologies for absence


Substitute Councillors


Election of the chairman for the council year

TO CONSIDER Following the death of Councillor Samper it is necessary for the Committee to elect a new Chairman for the current council year.


[If the Vice-Chairman is elected as Chairman, it will be necessary to appoint a new Vice-Chairman for the council year.]


Declaration of any interests by Councillors or Officers

TO RECEIVE any declarations for the following in so far as they relate to the business for the meeting:-


a.       Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

b.       Other Significant Interests (what were previously thought of as non-pecuniary Prejudicial interests)

c.       Voluntary Announcements of Other Interests


Voluntary Announcements of Other Interests not required to be disclosed as DPI’s or OSI’s, ie announcements made for transparency reasons alone, such as:

         Membership of outside bodies that have made representations on agenda items, or

         Where a Councillor knows a person involved, but does not have a close association with that person, or

         Where an item would affect the well-being of a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc but not his/her financial position.


[Note: an effect on the financial position of a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc; OR an application made by a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc, would both probably constitute either an OSI or in some cases a DPI].



Public participation

If any member of the public wishes to speak on any item / planning application for the meeting they must give notice to Democratic Services by 12.30pm on Monday, 24 June 2019.


It is the usual practice of the Committee to allow any public speakers to be heard immediately before the consideration of the relevant application / item.


Further information about public participation and the procedure at the meeting is included at the end the agenda or from the Council’s website here.



Minutes of meeting Tuesday, 4 June 2019 Planning Committee pdf icon PDF 89 KB

TO RECEIVE the minutes of the above meeting


Requests by Councillors for site inspections or for the deferral of applications

TO CONSIDER AND DETERMINE any requests by Councillors for site visits for particular applications reported below or for the deferral of applications.


The Committee will need to be satisfied as to the planning reasons before agreeing any site visits.


No debate will take place at the meeting on any planning applications deferred for a site inspection.


Application No. CA//18/02514/FUL - Sweech Farm, Herne Bay Road, Sturry, CT3 4NG pdf icon PDF 184 KB

Proposed erection of 7 no. dwellings and change of use of Oast/stable to 1no dwelling; together with associated parking and landscaping.


Recommendation: REFUSE


Planning Officer: Chris Pragnell

Additional documents:


Application No. CA//19/00141/FUL - 3 Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DB pdf icon PDF 366 KB

Proposed change of use from shop to a drinking establishment and external alterations including the creation of a new wall within the rear garden.


Recommendation: GRANT with conditions


Planning Officer: Alastair Curran

Additional documents:


Application No. CA//19/00139/LB - 3 Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DB pdf icon PDF 366 KB

Application for listed building consent for external/internal alterations including the replacement of a window with a door on the rear elevation, creation of an external wall within the rear garden, a partition wall and one internal wall to be soundproofed.


Recommendation: GRANT with conditions


Planning Officer: Alastair Curran

Additional documents:


Planning Appeals - Decisions pdf icon PDF 83 KB

TO NOTE the decisions on planning appeals


Any other urgent business to be dealt with in public


Any other urgent business which falls under the exempt provisions of the Local Government Act 1972 or the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or both

It will be necessary to pass a resolution to exclude the press and public for any urgent confidential business under this item.



Update on current Judicial Reviews involving Canterbury City Council

TO NOTE the update of the Head of Planning.