Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Guildhall, St Peter's Place, Canterbury

Contact: Pippa Tritton, Email:, 01227 862 009 

No. Item


Meet and greet session

Meet and greet session, with formal business starting at 7pm.


A meet and greet session was held for the first 30 minutes of the Forum. The councillors then took their seats and then introduced themselves in turn.


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Dixey.


Confirmation of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

To confirm the appointment of Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


Councillor Butcher was confirmed as Chairman of the Canterbury Forum and it was then proposed, seconded and agreed that Councillor Edwards was to be the Vice Chairman.




Declarations of any interests by councillors or officers

Councillors are reminded that the code of conduct as set out in the constitution still applies at these meetings. This means you are required to make declarations relating disclosable pecuniary interests and other significant interests and that you should consider any other voluntary announcements you would like to make.


Councillor Eden-Green disclosed an other significant interest regarding items 7 and 8 that he was a resident of the Dane John Gardens. He also made a voluntary announcement that he was a member of the planning committee.


Councillor Nolan made a voluntary announcement she was a staff governor of Canterbury Christ Church University.


Minutes of the meeting held on 4 March 2019 pdf icon PDF 79 KB

To confirm the minutes as a true record.


The minutes of the meeting held on 4 March 2019 were agreed as a true record.


Introduction to the Forum

Introduction by Tricia Marshall, Deputy Chief Executive.





Tricia Marshal, Deputy Chief Executive introduced the forum and made the following points:


·         The Forum was an informal meeting where councillors and public can come together to discuss issues in local area.

·         It was an advisory group non decision making but can feed recommendations to other committees.

·         The Opportunities Fund has now been removed as this is now not decided through Forum rather councillors now have individual amounts.

·         There was a 30 minute meet and greet session at 6.30 before the formal meeting begins

·         There was freedom for the public to speak and no limit on time on this

·         The meeting should aim to be finished by 9pm.


It was then suggested that a question time be reintroduced to the forum to allow the public to ask questions to the councillors. Officers would not be asked to answer the questions during this time but clarification would be sort post meeting if needed.


It was proposed seconded and when put to vote unanimously AGREED that a 20 minutes question time item be included on future Canterbury Forum agendas.



Canterbury on ice - Canterbury ice rink pdf icon PDF 88 KB

To note the report on Canterbury ice rink.


(Councillor Eden-Green declared an other significant interest that he was a resident of the Dane John)


Caroline Cooper, Head of Commercial & Cultural Development introduced the report and gave a background to the proposal to install an outdoor ice rink in the Dane John Gardens overt the Christmas period. 


The following points were raised:


·         Concerns were raised about the increase in litter and the process for collecting the litter, including areas outside for Dane John park, it was clarified this has already been considered and a plan put in place.

·         The Forum commended the idea to increase the visitors over the Christmas period.

·         Concerns were raised about the parking in the city during the Christmas period with increased visitors to the ice rink, and the suggestion that park and ride opening later was made, this was being explored with various other departments within the council.

·         The crossing from the Whitefriars to the Dane John could see increased traffic but this would be managed similarly to the food and drink festival if needed.

·         Damage to the grass from the ice rink had already been considered and there was budget set aside for any repairs needed

·         There was the possibility to explore the use of volunteers from the universities and colleges to help with events including the ice rink

·         The cost analysis was based on utilising a diesel generator that could have environmental implications, however the viability of introducing three phase electricity was also being explored.




Update on experimental night-time closure of entrances into the Dane John Gardens pdf icon PDF 79 KB

To note the update on the proposal to undertake a trial closure of five entrances into the Dane John at night.

Additional documents:


(Councillor Eden-Green declared an other significant interest that he was a resident of the Dane John)


Ruth Goudie, Transportation Team Leader introduced the report that provided an update on the proposal to undertake a closure of  five  of the entrances into the Dane John at night. The remaining three entrances would remain open. The following comments were made:


• Clarification was given that the reopening time of 4am was due to the varying closing times of club chemistry, and that it was the average closing time across the week.

• All gates cannot be closed overnight due to residents who live on the Dane John who therefore require access 24/7.

• Concerns were raised that public may become kettled into the gardens if not all gates will be closed

• There was general support for the trial scheme in the hope it improves antisocial behaviour at night in the area

• There will be substantial signage to communicate the closure and give clear directions to members of the public

• The universities are supporting the scheme and have been actively discouraging students from passing through the Dane John at night.



City Centre security pdf icon PDF 238 KB

To note the report on crowded places bollard installation in Canterbury city centre.



Additional documents:


Chris Maw, Principal Engineer introduced the report contained in supplement 1, that following advice from the South East Counter Terrorism Police outlines the proposed security bollard system around the city centre pedestrian zone.


He explained this has not been born from a specific known threat but from the general threat throughout the country and that Canterbury is a popular city for visitors. The bollards were a mixture of automatic and fixed bollards and were shown on the maps contained in the report.


The Forum discussed the report and the Principal Engineer gave clarification where required, the following points were made:


·         Concerns were raised regarding the CCTV cameras, it was clarified that these are very specifically fixed at the bollards and will be as discreet as possible, but are necessary to monitor when to drop and raise the bollards.

·         It was clarified that the bollards will be raised throughout the day except for outside the hours of 10.30am-4pm when delivery vehicles could be granted access.

·         An information letter has been delivered to local shops and businesses to inform them of the change

·         It was asked if flower bed planters could be used instead of bollards for aesthetics, it was clarified that these are too large and could restrict the movement of pedestrians due to their size.

·         It was highlighted that a drop in session in available for any questions and comments on the scheme on Wednesday 12 June between 3.30pm and 7.30pm


Preparation for the Integrated Transport Hub discussion

A discussion item on the format for the integrated transport hub item including who should be invited to attend.


Ruth Goudie, Transportation Team Leader introduced the item and explained that she wanted to gather views from the Forum regarding how to proceed with an integrated transport hub meeting, who to invite and where it should be held. The Forum discussed the item and the following points were made:


• Getting as much input from stakeholders as possible is key and should be viewed as a stakeholder conference.

 It should be a genuinely open discussion where no group is excluded.

• Invitations should be given to network rail and the Kent County Council (KCC) public transport team

• The consultation should include parishes and rural areas outside the main city


It was proposed, seconded and when put to vote unanimously agreed that the transport hub meeting should be a large event, open to all stakeholders and that it should be held at the Westgate Hall.


Monitoring Sheet pdf icon PDF 41 KB

The updates relating to the recommendations of previous Forum are contained in the monitoring sheet to note.


There was a request for the monitoring sheet to be more substantial and to contain all items that have been to the forum to allow the public to follow through on discussions and outcomes when items go to service committees.


It was agreed by general assent that the monitoring sheet contains items that have been to the forum for rolling period of 12 months.


The monitoring sheet was noted.




Future agenda items

To note the following items for future meetings of the Forum and to discuss possible items for the coming year:


·       Homelessness and affordable housing – September 2019

·       St George’s Street, Canterbury – September 2019 (TBC)

·       Litter and flytipping – November 2019 (TBC)

·       Graffiti, A-boards, Subways – November 2019 (TBC)

·       Annual on-street parking review – March 2020

·       Local Plan review – TBC


You can see the items requested since the start of this council online here.


The future agenda items were noted.


Date of next meeting

7 pm, Monday 9 September 2019.


6.30pm, 9 September 2019


Any other urgent business to be heard in public pdf icon PDF 82 KB

Additional documents:


Rebecca Booth the Senior Environment Officer introduced the report that outlined the opportunity for land between the River Stour and Cotton Road to be designated as a Local Nature Reserve. She explained that if implemented it would address some of the ecological concerns raised through representations regarding the Wincheap Park and Ride planning application.


Tricia Marshall the Deputy Chief Executive, reminded the Forum that the Wincheap Park and Ride application was still a live application and as such should not be discussed by the Forum and was not in the terms of reference for the Canterbury Forum.


The Forum were asked for their views and comments on the potential creation of the Local Nature Reserve and these views would be passed on to the regeneration and Property Committee on 27 June 2019.


The Forum discussed the proposal and the Senior Environment Officer gave clarification where necessary. The following points were raised:


·         The Forum welcomed the initiative and felt a green corridor through the city is a fantastic development

·         It was recommended by the Forum that the Nature Reserve should extend the whole length of the River Stour, as the current proposal seemed disjointed and didn’t protect all of the land.

·         Concerns were raised about access to the designated land, it was clarified that there would be a footpath through the Park and Ride to the river and that this would be the beginning of a green corridor.

·         It was felt that 50 years should be the minimum length of time for Local Nature Reserve protection for the land.

·         It was clarified that the Local Nature Reserve land falls on a flood plain and so would hold no real developable value.


Any other urgent business to be heard following the exclusion of the press and public

It will be necessary to pass a resolution to exclude the press and public before business can be taken under this item.


There was no urgent business to be heard