Agenda, decisions and minutes

Venue: Herne Bay Baptist Church, 105-109 High Street, Herne Bay CT6 5LA

Contact: Maria Short  01227 862004

Note: At 6.30pm before the meeting starts there will be a chance to come along and talk to your district councillors on an informal basis. 

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence had been received from Councillors Hirst, I Stockley and J Stockley.


Declarations of any interests by councillors or officers

Councillors are reminded that the code of conduct as set out in the constitution still applies at these meetings. This means you are required to make declarations relating disclosable pecuniary interests and other significant interests and that you should consider any other voluntary announcements you would like to make.


Councillors A Cook and D Thomas made voluntary announcements that they owned beach huts in relation to item 4.


Councillor A Cook also made a voluntary announcement that one of the speakers was known to him.



Introduction to the Forum

Introduction by Suzi Wakeham, Director of Community Services and Matthew Archer, Head of Corporate Governance.


The Head of Corporate Governance explained the background to the formation of the Forum, which had been born out of a Community Governance Review. The intention was for the forums to be more accessible and inclusive, with greater public participation. The meet and greet had been introduced to provide an opportunity for an informal chat with Councillors prior to the meeting. Timings had been introduced as a guide to try and keep the meetings to approximately two hours in the hope it might encourage more people to attend.


The forums would be largely non decision making, when the forum wished to make a recommendation to Committees of the Council a vote would take place and the numbers of Councillors voting, for, against or abstaining would be recorded in the minutes.


The forums were in a trial period until the end of the Council year and those present were encouraged to feedback to Democratic Services.



Report on Spa Esplanade shared space trial pdf icon PDF 420 KB

To consider the report of Ian Brown, Director of Development.

Additional documents:


The Director of Development introduced the report which set out the background and results of the trial and the proposed adoption of the shared space going forward. The report was presented to the Forum for comments before taking the report to the Regeneration and Property Committee.


The Forum discussed the matter and the Director of Development gave clarification where appropriate. Matters including the following were covered:


  1. Many of the issues were caused by cars driving down the Esplanade and parking in the area for extended periods of time.
  2. The lack of respect between cyclists and pedestrians.
  3. Improved enforcement measures are required on vehicle parking and cycle, car and mobility scooter speeds.
  4. Possibility of separate, designated lanes for cyclists and pedestrians.
  5. Improved signage regarding speed limits and no parking.
  6. Safety of those who use the beach and beach huts.
  7. Potential for the creation of a pedestrian zone behind the beach huts.
  8. The Esplanade should continue to be a shared space area but with improvements for safety.


The Director of Development noted the comments made and confirmed that they would be fed back into the debate for the Regeneration & Property Committee where a decision would be made regarding the bylaw.


The Forum were generally in support of the proposal, particularly if the following measures were to be included in the report to the Committee:


  1. The creation of a pedestrian zone behind the beach huts.
  2. Restrictions on cycle and vehicle speeds with better enforcement of these restrictions.
  3. Measures to reduce the impact of cars on the Spa Esplanade.


No vote was taken on this item.



Opportunity Fund Application pdf icon PDF 73 KB

To consider the report of Suzi Wakeham, Director of Community Services.

Additional documents:


RESOLVED – That £250.00 be awarded to the Bay Beach Clean Association for publicity of beach cleaning events and storage of equipment.



The application for funding of equipment and publicity for beach cleaning events from the Opportunities Fund was presented by Catherine Francis-Yeats on behalf of the Bay Beach Clean Association (BBCA).


The application was discussed and points clarified as required.  The application was generally supported with mention of the possibility of a plastic free initiative, similar to that implemented in Whitstable.  The Forum were of a mind to award the full amount of the fund application, however Kent County Councillor (KCC) Alan Marsh announced to the Forum that the County Council were willing to award 40 pairs of gloves and 40 litter pickers to the Bay Beach Cleaning Association.


A proposal was made that the £250.00 be awarded, following confirmation from KCC Cllr Marsh that 40 pairs of gloves and 40 litter pickers were to be awarded to the BBCA from KCC funding.  This was seconded and when put to a vote was agreed unanimously.


For the proposal (6): Councillors A Cook, Howes, R Jones, Sonnex, A Taylor and D Thomas


Against the proposal : None (0)


Abstained : None (0)


Absent for voting : None (0)


RESOLVED – That £250.00 be awarded to the Bay Beach Clean Association for publicity of beach cleaning events and storage of equipment.



Annual programme

We're hoping to put together an annual programme of recurring topics for the Forums. We hope that this makes it easier for the public to attend meetings which match their interests. It will also allow us to group similar topics together so that we can make sure the right officers are able to be at the meeting to take part in the discussion.


The Forum is asked to agree the list of topics they would like to cover in this way - this will then be referred to the lead officer who will prepare a draft schedule for the next meeting. 



The Head of Corporate Governance introduced the annual programme, explaining the intent to cluster potential agenda items to make it more attractive to people to attend and enable the appropriate officers to attend the relevant meetings, thereby avoiding repetition of agenda items. It was highlighted that future Forum agendas should not be overloaded with pre-determined items.


The following items were suggested for the annual programme:


  • Behaviour and the use of ramps for launching jet skis.
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Low level crime and disorder in the town.
  • Waste collection.
  • Area focused items.
  • Vehicle parking.
  • Councillor goals at the start of the meeting year.


It was confirmed that if members of the public wanted items to be added to meeting agendas, they could contact the Democratic Services Team or Ward Councillors in advance of the meeting or raise issues for future meetings with the Ward Councillors during the meet and greet session at the beginning of the meetings. This was noted by the Forum.



Monitoring Sheet

In future the Forum will receive an update on actions agreed, or recommendations made, at previous meetings.


The Head of Corporate Governance introduced the monitoring sheet to monitor future items and actions of the Forum.


Date of next meeting

7pm Tuesday 20 November 2018 in the Herne Bay Baptist Church, 105 High Street, Herne Bay CT6 5LA


7 pm, Tuesday 20 November 2018.