Agenda and minutes

Venue: Herne Bay Baptist Church, 105-109 High Street, Herne Bay CT6 5LA

Contact: Maria Short  01227 862009, Email:

No. Item


Apologies for absence

Apologies have been received from Councillor Sonnex.


Apologies had been received from Councillors R Jones and Sonnex and County Councillor I Thomas.


Declarations of any interests by councillors or officers

Councillors are reminded that the code of conduct as set out in the constitution still applies at these meetings. This means you are required to make declarations relating disclosable pecuniary interests and other significant interests and that you should consider any other voluntary announcements you would like to make.


There were declarations of interests made in regard to the opportunities fund item. These are recorded at that minute.


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 15 January 2019 pdf icon PDF 86 KB

To confirm as a true record.


Minutes of the meeting were agreed as a true record. It was noted that an officer would contact Kent County Council in regard to road damage relating to the funfair.


Prior to the meeting a member of the public Sheila Chesney was invited to speak. She made an announcement in regard to the rebuilding of the Victorian shelter on Bellview Road and invited councillors to be involved in an opening ceremony after the election.


Opportunities Fund pdf icon PDF 75 KB

To consider the report of the Director of Community Services.


Applications have been received from:


·         Cllr J Stockley for £1,700

·         Cllr A Cook for £500

·         Cllr D Thomas for £4,500

·         Hasland Dance Studios for up to £4,000, several letters of support were received and circulated to members of the Forum


Total applications = up to £10,700

Additional documents:


The following declarations of interests were made:


  • Other significant interests - Councillor A Cook and Councillor J Stockley as they were Trustees for the Herne Bay Pier Trust. Councillor I Stockley because his wife was a trustee for the Herne Bay Pier Trust.


  • Pecuniary Interest - Councillor A Cook as his wife was a tenant for the Herne Bay Pier Trust.


  • Voluntary declaration - Councillor Howes was a close friend of the co-director of the Hasland Dance Studio.

Each of the councillor sponsored applications were introduced by the sponsoring councillor.


A representative of the Hasland Dance studio introduced their application.


The Chairman explained that due to the interests listed above the declaring councillors did not wish to be involved in the decision making in regard to the applications. This meant that forum could not be quorate for the decision making of the various opportunities fund applications.


It was therefore proposed, seconded and AGREED that the decisions regarding the amount awarded in respective of the applications for the meeting be determined by the Director of Development.


It was AGREED that Councillor A Taylor would chair the meeting for the rest of the item and councillors A Cook, Howes, I Stockley and J Stockley then left the meeting for the discussion on the individual applications.

In order to give the Director of Development an indication of the views of local councillors the remaining councillors indicated that they would be supportive of awards made in respect of the applications as follows:



What award is for

How much

Council service - proposed by a councillor

The provision of 3 round picnic tables and bench sets to be located in Burton Downs

£ 1,200

Council service - proposed by a councillor

Installation of a power supply to the Memorial Park Monument

£  500

Herne Bay Pier Trust - sponsored by a councillor

Installation of  lights on the pier

£ 3,000

Hasland Dance Studio

Funding towards a trip to compete in the Dance World Cup in Portugal

£  995.54

(On the conclusion of the item councillors A Cook, Howes, I Stockley and J Stockley returned and Councillor A Cook took the chair for the remainder of the meeting.)


Variation in the order of business


It was agreed by general assent to vary the order of business to allow the Annual Parking Review to be considered next.


Annual Parking Review pdf icon PDF 88 KB

To consider the report of the Senior Transportation Officer.

Additional documents:


Chairman introduced the parking review and Forum discussed the proposals. The Chairman and the Senior Transportation Officer gave points of clarification where necessary.


During the debate points were made including the following:


  1. All proposals had been advertised and it was not possible to recommend any increase in restrictions to that advertised.
  2. Residents could discuss all fresh proposals for restrictions with ward councillors and the Chairman of the Forum - councillors could then bring proposals to the officers.
  3. The motorbikes that currently used an area of land owned by the Council were welcome to continue to do so while the Council had no use for it, any change to this would only come following consultation with the biking community.
  4. The proposed restrictions for Central Parade related to the highway only and not the area the bikes used.
  5. Access for fire engines and waste collection vehicles, when pavement parking bans were proposed. It was agreed that greater consultation with the Kent Fire and Rescue Service was important.
  6. The need to strengthen pavements and verges before parking on them could be specifically sanctioned.
  7. Blue badge holders could park on double yellow lines for up to three hours.
  8. Having the review considered on a six month basis would be preferable as it takes along time to resolve requests.


The Forum agreed by general assent to RECOMMEND to the Joint Transportation Board that all of the officers’ recommendations be agreed with the following exceptions:

(a)  Proposal 3400, Mayfield Road, to implement a shortened length of double yellow lines [unanimously agreed].

(b)  Proposal 3380, Terminus Drive, where the Forum recommend that the pavement parking ban not be implemented [6 voted for, 1 abstained]

(c)  That where Pavement Parking bans were recommended they would only be implemented if the Kent Fire and Rescue Service  were satisfied that their engines would still be able to pass.


Review of Pilot Area Forum Arrangements

Presentation from the Director of Community Services and the Head of Corporate Governance on the review of the forum arrangements, followed by general discussion on topics including venue, timing, meet and greet, agendas, public speaking, question and answer item and publicity.


The Head of Governance presented the results of the initial review of the area forum and asked the Herne Bay Forum for their views.


The forum discussed and made points including the following:


  1. The venue worked well.
  2. There were mixed views on the idea of a question and answer session. Although there was general agreement that it would be important for the public to know what was being discussed in advance.
  3. The format of the Forum felt more open and friendly than the format of the old area panel meetings and people were just beginning to realise that the forums were different.
  4. Items being conducted as a discussion worked well.
  5. The meetings were longer than before and harder to chair.
  6. It was important for people to understand that the Forums were not decision making.
  7. It was hard to see the benefits of an independent chair.
  8. The themed discussion on environmental issues was helpful.


Sports provision and other facilities in the Beltinge area

A discussion topic for the Forum.


As the resident who had requested the item was not present this matter was not discussed. The Head of Property and Regeneration also added that a district wide report on sport provision was being prepared for the Regeneration and Property Committee.


Monitoring Sheet pdf icon PDF 49 KB

The updates relating to the recommendations from previous Forum meetings are included in the monitoring sheet to note.



This was noted.


Date of next meeting

7pm on Tuesday, 11 June 2019 (to be confirmed).


11 June 2019 (to be confirmed).


Any other urgent business to be heard in public


There was no urgent business for the meeting.


Any other urgent business to be heard following the exclusion of the press and public

It will be necessary to pass a resolution to exclude the press and public before business can be taken under this item.


There was no urgent business for the meeting.