Agenda and minutes

Venue: St Alphege CE Infant School, Oxford Street, Whitstable CT5 1DA

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Meet and greet

This is a chance for the public to meet and talk to their councillors on an informal basis before the business of the meeting starts at 7pm.


A meet and greet session took place for the first 30 minutes of the Forum. A minutes silence was then held to remember Councillor Jenny Samper.


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Clark and Councillor Kenny.


Confirmation of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

To confirm the appointment of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


It was confirmed that Councillor Spooner be the Chairman and proposed, seconded and when put to vote unanimously agreed that Councillor Ian Thomas be the Vice Chairman. 



Declarations of any interests by councillors or officers

Councillors are reminded that the code of conduct as set out in the constitution still applies at these meetings. This means you are required to make declarations relating disclosable pecuniary interests and other significant interests and that you should consider any other voluntary announcements you would like to make.


The following voluntary announcements were made by Forum members:


  • Councillor Ian Thomas and was a Kent County Councillor.
  • Councillor Rob Thomas was a  Kent County Councillor.
  • Councillor Todd was a member of the RNLI, Whitstable Yacht Club and the Whitstable Canoe Club.



Minutes of the meeting held on 6 March 2019 pdf icon PDF 74 KB


A request was made to amend minute 731 (Annual parking review - High Street) from implement to do not implement. 


The amendment and minutes were agreed as a true record.


It was then raised by a member of the public that the yellow lines at Foxgrove road have not been implemented yet, and that the extension of the lines at Queens Road have also not yet been implemented. It was agreed they would speak to the transportation team directly to clarify.



Introduction to the Forum

To receive an introduction to the Whitstable Forum from David Ford, Director of Commissioned Services.


David Ford, Director of Commissioned Services gave an introduction to the Forum and made the following points:


  • The Forum was an informal meeting which gave opportunities for councillors and the public to discuss items relevant to local area.
  • It was an advisory and consultative body that can make recommendations to service committees
  • Where a recommendation was made to a service committee, the full Forum minute would be included in the service committee agenda. 


It was then suggested that a question time be reintroduced to the forum to allow the public to ask questions to the councillors. Officers would not be asked to answer the questions during this time but clarification would be sort post meeting if needed.


It was proposed, seconded and AGREED that a 20 minutes question time item be included on future Whitstable Forum agendas. 



Seaside Byelaws Consultation

To note the verbal presentation of the Foreshore Manager, Matthew Young.


Matthew Young, Foreshore Manager gave an update on the Seaside byelaws review and consultation. He explained that the byelaws had not been reviewed since 1995 and that the use of the coast had changed significantly in that time with different water sports and equipment becoming more widely available. 


There was also a perception of antisocial behaviour, particularly in relation to jet ski use. It was noted that the consultation would be carried out with both residents and visitors and would include watercraft users, swimmers, beach users and the Disability Advisory Panel. 


The consultation would address four key design proposals before making any changes to the existing byelaws:


  • Inclusion of lifeguard swim areas
  • Introduction of an 8 knot speed limit within transit lanes
  • Introduction a direction of travel within transit lanes 
  • the width of transit lanes 


The consultation had opened on 11 June and would run until 1 September 2019. The Chairman invited comments on the proposals and Matthew Young provided points of clarification where required, comments included:


  • It was clarified that the West Beach and the oyster racks were covered by the byelaws, specifically the 8 knot speed limit and the use of the navigational aids (buoys)
  • Concerns were raised about the use of jet skis by the Neptune pub area, it was clarified that patrol cars do visit the area and note down the tag numbers of crafts acting irresponsibly. 
  • A concern was raised regarding quad bikes on the beach from as early as 5am, and the disturbance this causes to local residents. Matthew would seek clarification from environmental health to see if any time restrictions apply and could be enforced and report back separately.
  • It was clarified that the buoys surrounding the oyster racks are not Canterbury City Councils but private. These are special markers which are there to highlight any anomalies of items in the sea, such as the oyster racks.
  • Any reports of close calls should be emailed to Foreshore team.
  • The new byelaws and swimming areas covers all types of crafts 
  • New signage and communications would be implemented after the consultation. 



Maintenance Tankerton slopes pdf icon PDF 85 KB

To note the report from Sarah Randall, Strategic Contracts and Commissions Manager.

Additional documents:


David Ford, Director of Commissioned Services gave apologies for Sarah Randell not being able to attend. He introduced the report which sets out the maintenance regime and updates on the work that has recently been done and forthcoming schedule. This included engineers looking at the footpaths and a site visit that is being organised. 


The Chairman invited any comments to be made and the following points were raised:


  • Vegetation should be removed on a regular cycle as stated in the report but this has not been happening, this would be monitored and regular reports would be brought back to the Forum
  • There are larger potential engineering issues regarding the footpaths and a survey should be completed by the engineers
  • It was asked if green flag accreditation be sought for the area, clarification would be sought from officers and explored if feasible.
  • A meeting was scheduled for 25 June 2019 for the maintenance of the sloped to be discussed and then an action plan can be developed and brought back to future Forum meetings.
  • It was noted that the Management Plan should be monitored by the Forum on an annual basis and that the action plan is reviewed every 5-years. As the plan was developed in 2014 it was agreed that the review of the action plan would be brought back to the Forum as a future item.



Monitoring Sheet pdf icon PDF 44 KB

The updates relating to the recommendations of previous Forum meetings are contained in the Monitoring Sheet to note.


The monitoring sheet was noted.


It was highlighted that the possible installation of further water taps discussed at the previous Forum meeting was an item on the agenda for the Community Committee on 26 June.



Future Items

To note the following items for future meetings of the Forum and to discuss possible items for the coming year:


·         Shop local and tourism promotion – September

·         Southern Water update (sewage works in Swalecliffe and Gorrell Tank) - September

·         Local Plan review - September

·         Traffic management in Whitstable – To be confirmed

·         Annual on-street parking review - March 2020


Councillors and members of the public can request items to be included on future agendas by email


You can see the items requested since the start of this council here.


The circulated list of future items on the agenda was agreed. Further suggestions included:


Beacons on the slopes - (verbal update at the September meeting)

Traffic Management plan - It was highlighted the September agenda will include the corporate plan and this could tie in. Alternatively it could be scheduled as a single item in November with relevant Kent county councillors to be invited to attend.



Date of next meeting

6.30pm, Wednesday 11 September 2019


6.30pm, Wednesday 11 September 2019


Any other urgent business to be heard in public


No other urgent business was discussed.


Any other urgent business to be heard following the exclusion of the press and public

It will be necessary to pass a resolution to exclude the press and public before business can be taken under this item.


There was no other urgent business to be heard.