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Apologies for absence

Apologies have been received from Councillors Cornell, Gower and Wilson.


Presentation of the Lord Mayor's Awards


Declaration of interests by councillors or officers

TO RECEIVE any declarations for the following in so far as they relate to the business for the meeting:-


  1. Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
  2. Other Significant Interests (what were previously thought of as non-pecuniary Prejudicial interests)
  3. Voluntary Announcements of Other Interests i.e. relevant memberships


Voluntary Announcements of Other Interests not required to be disclosed as DPI’s or OSI’s, ie announcements made for transparency reasons alone, such as:

·       Membership of outside bodies that have made representations on agenda items, or

·       Where a Councillor knows a person involved, but does not have a close association with that person, or

·       Where an item would affect the well-being of a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc but not his/her financial position.


[Note: an effect on the financial position of a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc; OR an application made by a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc, would both probably constitute either an OSI or in some cases a DPI].


Petitions or questions

Any member of the public may present a petition or put a question provided that it is supported by not less than 15 signatories and has given notice to the Democratic Services not later than 12.30pm on Wednesday 16 October 2019.


The Chief Executive will report verbally any notifications received within the prescribed time limit regarding any petitions or questions for the meeting.


Other than in accordance with the Council’s Petition Scheme no debate shall take place upon any matter put before the council by way of petition.


No debate shall take place upon any matter put before the council by way of question except at the discretion of the Lord Mayor, when the Leader or Chair of an appropriate committee may respond. The Leader or the Chair may agree to a written response being sent on behalf of the council.


The Lord Mayor, at his discretion, may determine the order in which the petitions and / or questions are taken.


It is the usual practice to refer any petitions or questions to the relevant decision-making body or if there is a related item on the agenda they will be considered at the meeting.


Under the Council’s Petition Scheme -


Duplicate Petitions will not be accepted (Where more than one petition is received in time for a particular meeting, each supporting the same outcome on one matter, each petition organiser will be treated as an independent organiser, but only the petition organiser of the first petition will be invited to address the relevant meeting).


Repeat Petitions will not be accepted (Where a petition will not normally be considered where they are received within six months of another petition being considered by the authority on the same matter).


Announcements pdf icon PDF 40 KB

TO RECEIVE any announcements by the Lord Mayor, chairmen of committees or the Chief Executive


Recommendations to the Full Council

Councillors must read the reports to the Policy and Resources Committee for the items below (which can be viewed online here or via the Modern.Gov App) before they make decisions on the items.


TO CONSIDER the following recommendations to Full Council:-


(Details of the recommendations will follow in advance of the meeting)


Review of Polling Places


Military Road Council Offices Site


Councillors' questions

To answer any questions from Councillors under Rule 10 of the Council Procedure Rules.


(Note: There is a time limit of one minute for asking a question and three minutes for its answer, with supplementary questions being allowed, with a total of 30 minutes for all questions).


The following questions had been received at the time of agenda publication.


Question 1 from Councillor Sole


“An increasing numbers of lorries are parking up overnight in unofficial lay-bys and roadsides. They are damaging the roads and verges, blocking rights of way and leaving litter.


Please may I have an update on the proposals with Swale Borough Council for the construction of a lorry park that would provide much needed facilities for drivers and aid enforcement so that local residents might know how much longer they will have put up with this?”


Question 2 from Councillor Sole


“At the last Council meeting on 18 July I asked the leader of the council what the City Council was doing to help find a new home for Canterbury City Football Club that was in a sustainable location and not in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


I was happy to take at face value his response, and I quote, “I have met with the chairman of the football club and we have talked about their plans and aspirations. There is much commercial and sensitive information that I cannot bring forward now but he confirmed that he is happy with the discussions that he has had.”


In early August, a press release was issued, by the City Council, quoting the football club chairman as saying “we are grateful for the Council’s support as we continue to work with Quinn Estates on a revised planning proposal for Highland Court.”


I want to see a thriving and successful football club in the city, but in the right location. A council that has now committed to take action on a climate emergency by reducing CO2 emissions, should be seeking to locate the club in an area where it is easily accessible from the main population centre, reducing private vehicle journeys, and not on a farm in the middle of the countryside.


I subsequently questioned Cllr Thomas, who incidentally was the only councillor not to vote against the previous planning application to bring the club to Highland Court in Bekesbourne, on whether the city council, in light of this press release, was still looking at alternative locations.


He replied, “The question that will get asked is why are we doing all this work now to find another solution when they have a potential solution. Especially on the backdrop of EKH, bins, £5m savings target etc”


Councillor Thomas also commented that “Sport and leisure is a permitted activity in the AONB and that it is the football clubs first choice for their ground”.


Not only is it the club’s first choice, but after years of inaction by the council it is their only choice, but that doesn’t make it the right  ...  view the full agenda text for item 8.


Changes to memberships of committees and sub-committees for the remainder of the council year 2019/20

To note the following from the nominations of the Group Leaders regarding changes to the membership of committees and sub-committees for the remainder of the council year 2019/20.


[Names to follow]




Approval of the rota for membership of the Licensing Sub-Committee pdf icon PDF 54 KB

TO CONSIDER the approval of the licensing rota.


Notices of Motion


Notice of motion: Digital Services

Proposed by Councillor Eden-Green

Seconded by Councillor Ricketts


“Canterbury City Council now expects residents to use digital ordering and payment systems for a range of basic council services.


We generally endorse this approach but recognise that some residents do not have smartphones, computers or credit cards. Some also have literacy problems or visual impairment. Thus making digital access mandatory is discriminatory. Furthermore this policy has been introduced by officers and has never been ratified by councillors.


We require that basic council services are equally available by non digital means for those requiring them and who are currently denied such access.”


(The Notice of Motion relates to a matter which should be referred to the Policy and Resources Committee for consideration with a report by officers.)


Notice of Motion: Redefining affordable housing

Proposed by Councillor Gower

Seconded by Councillor Butcher


“Canterbury City Council commits to an urgent review of the definition of ‘affordable’, as used by them in the context of housing and rents, to be completed within the next three months.


Its new definition (post review) will reflect with greater clarity the real incomes and circumstances of citizens living and working in our authority. Consideration will be given to comparing disposable incomes (rather than mean incomes), additionally median house prices when describing the affordability of property to buy, and setting ‘affordable rents’ as a proportion of median household income rather than market rates.


The revised definition will be adopted by Canterbury City Council, embedded in existing policy and used in the new Corporate Plan and refresh of the Local Plan.”


(The Notice of Motion relates to a matter which should be referred to the Community Committee for consideration with a report by officers.)


Notice of Motion: Food Poverty Councillor Champion

Proposed by Councillor Baldock

Seconded by Councillor Edwards


“Food Poverty exists whenever the availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or the ability to acquire acceptable food in socially acceptable ways is limited or uncertain.  For many in this district it is principally about affording nutritionally adequate and safe food to make up a healthy diet. This council, mindful of the urgent need locally to tackle hunger and ensure all residents are able to make healthy food choices, endorses the appointment of a Food Poverty Councillor Champion.


 The Food Poverty Councillor Champion will provide leadership to improve nutrition and encourage better food choices for those in Food Poverty.  Additionally the elimination of hunger in this district must be a key objective for them, utilising engagement with local voluntary groups such as the Canterbury Foodbank and focusing appropriate Canterbury City Councils resources in support of that humanitarian outcome.”


(The Notice of Motion relates to a matter which should be referred to the Community Committee for consideration with a report by officers.)


Minutes of the Council meetings held on 18 July and 5 September 2019 pdf icon PDF 157 KB

TO CONFIRM  as a true record

Additional documents:


To receive the following minutes of the meetings specified and to receive questions and answers on any of the minutes

(Note: By virtue of Article 17.03 of the Council Procedure Rules there shall be no amendment to resolved minutes, save on the written advice from the Monitoring Officer and/or the Chief Financial Officer).



Audit Committee - 25 July 2019 pdf icon PDF 68 KB


Community Committee - 25 September 2019 pdf icon PDF 82 KB


Licensing Committee - 3 July 2019 pdf icon PDF 68 KB


Licensing Sub-Committee - 18 June 2019 and 20 August pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Additional documents:


Planning Committee - 25 June, 23 July and 20 August pdf icon PDF 82 KB

Additional documents:


Policy and Resources Committee - 10 and 17 July 2019 pdf icon PDF 116 KB

Additional documents:


Standards Committee - 22 July 2019 pdf icon PDF 70 KB


Regeneration and Property Committee - 26 September 2019 pdf icon PDF 91 KB


Whitstable Harbour Board - 13 September 2019 pdf icon PDF 69 KB


To receive any notices of urgent decisions made by the Chief Executive under delegation A3


Any other urgent business to be dealt with on the night