Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Guildhall, St Peter's Place, Canterbury

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No. Item


Apologies for absence

Councillor Dawkins


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Dawkins and Graham Gibbons. Apologies for lateness were received from Rob Thomas.



Substitute members

Councillor Gower for Councillor Dawkins


Councillor Gower attended as a substitute for Councillor Dawkins


Declaration of Interests by Members or Officers

 TO RECEIVE any declarations for the following in so far as they relate to the business for the meeting:-


a.         Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

b.         Other Significant Interests (what were previously thought of as non-pecuniary Prejudicial interests)

c.         Voluntary Announcements of Other Interests


Voluntary Announcements of Other Interests not required to be disclosed as DPI’s or OSI’s, ie announcements made for transparency reasons alone, such as:

           Membership of outside bodies that have made representations on agenda items, or

           Where a Councillor knows a person involved, but does not have a close association with that person, or

           Where an item would affect the well-being of a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc but not his/her financial position.


[Note: an effect on the financial position of a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc; OR an application made by a Councillor, relative, close associate, employer, etc, would both probably constitute either an OSI or in some cases a DPI].



Councillor Spooner made a voluntary announcement that Item 7 Church Lane, Seasalter was in his ward.


Councillor Havrey-Quirke, Flack, Councillor Wilson, Councillor Smith, Ms Linfield, Mr March

made voluntary announcements that they had received communications regarding item 7 and 10.  


Councillors Thomas and Flack made voluntary announcements they were members of the planning committee. 


Councillor Cook made a voluntary announcement that item 10 was in his ward and that he had received communications about this item. 


Councillor Thoms made a voluntary announcement he was a member of Regeneration and Property committee in relation to item 10. 


Councillor Wilson made a voluntary announcement that he was a resident of Stodmarsh Road contained in item 11.



Minutes of the meeting held on 18 June 2019 pdf icon PDF 76 KB


The minutes from Tuesday 18 June 2019 were confirmed as a true record.



Public Participation

Provided that notification has been given to Democratic Services by 12.30pm on the working day before the meeting, members of the public may speak on any item on the agenda for a maximum of three minutes.


There were five members of the public registered to speak. They were heard before the items of interest (Canterbury Ring Road, Proposed parking restrictions in the Thanington area and Town wide 20 mph speed limit for Herne Bay) and were debated by the Board.



Canterbury Ring Road Review pdf icon PDF 1 MB

TO CONSIDER the report from SWENCO on behalf of Kent County Council (KCC)




(Councillor Dixey and Jeremy Baker prior to discussion of this item)


(Mr R. Thomas arrived during discussion of this item)


The Principal Transport & Development Planner  Kent County Council (KCC) introduced SWECO who were presenting the item and who had been commissioned by KCC to identify and assess measures to improve journey times, provision for pedestrians and cyclists and air quality on the Canterbury Ring Road. SWENCO explained they welcomed any feedback from the Board.


The Board members made comments and ask questions. SWENCO gave points of clarification as required. Points were made including the following:


  1. The proposals do not give any indication of costs and that would be a major factor in the decision of the Board. It was clarified that a future stage of the scoping project would include cost options. 
  2. It was important to consider the historic surrounding when considering proposals for new road layouts
  3. The current study did not take into account weekend traffic which is equally bad due to journeys for tourism and shopping 
  4. Concerns were raised that new developments had not been factored into the study.
  5. Change is required but needs to be a permanent solution to prevent revisiting the issue.
  6. The ageing population needs to be considered when looking at options and access.
  7. Implementing more signals at roundabouts could cause longer delays in certain areas of the ring road but may reduce the worse wait times.


The Board NOTED the report.



Church Lane, Seasalter Improvements pdf icon PDF 37 KB

TO NOTE the report from Ryan Shiel the Senior Transport and Development Planner.



(Councillor Spooner made a voluntary announcement Church Lane was in his ward)


(Ian Thomas made a voluntary announcement that he was a member of the Regeneration and Property Committee)


(Councillors Havrey-Quirke, Flack, Wilson, Smith and Ms Linfield and Mr March

made voluntary announcements that they had received communications regarding item 7)


The Highway Engineer for Canterbury (KCC) introduced the report which provided an initial response following a request at the previous Joint Transportation Board meeting to consider further the development of Church Lane, Seasalter


The Board made the following points:


  1. The report missed out the key motivations for the request.
  2. A number of infrastructure and local population changes meant the lane is being destroyed and is not fit for purpose.
  3. The road services a number of residential houses and two holiday parks, with a large ageing population.
  4. There is a lack of footpath for public from the sites to walk to the beach safely.
  5. New stores being opened near Estuary View was increasing traffic flow.
  6. The local doctor surgery is closing and Church Lane is the named route in the consultation document for patients to access the Estuary View Medical Centre. 
  7. Issues were discussed around the land in the City Council ownership. 
  8. Improving access for pedestrians and cyclists to the beach should be explored.


The Highway Engineer for Canterbury (KCC) explained that he would take comments back to the report writer and they would work alongside CCC to explore possible options and return to the Board with a more detailed report once the land ownership had been resolved.



Mid-year consideration of changes to traffic regulation orders pdf icon PDF 76 KB

TO CONSIDER the report of Richard Moore, the Head of Transportation and Environment.

Additional documents:


The Transportation Officer (CCC) introduced the report which detailed proposals in the Mid-Year Parking Review for changes to parking restrictions. 


The Chairman drew attention to the recommendations of the Forums. Board members made comments and the officer gave points of clarification where necessary. 


During the course of the meeting those proposals which were debated, were proposed, seconded and when put to a vote agreed. 


The rest of the proposals in the report were put to a vote as one and were unanimously AGREED to be resolved as per the forum recommendations. 


RECOMMENDED (to Canterbury City Council) that: (a) Action on the following proposals as indicated below:


Parking Proposal 


Record of the voting




Item 1050: Rose Lane 





Item 1500: Wife of bath hill 

Amend and Implement




Item 2250 Hever and Wichling Close

Implement as advertised including the single yellow line restrictions




Item 6900 High Street 

No action




Item 6940 Millstrood Road 





Item 7250   Primrose Way 






Reasons for the recommendations: The balance of the representations from supporters and objectors, the officers’ comments and councillors’ understanding of the local issues.



Proposed parking restrictions Thanington area pdf icon PDF 736 KB


Additional documents:


(Public speaker Graham Page, Thanington Parish Council Chairman spoke prior to discussion of this item)


(Mr Dance left before discussion on this item)


The Chairman explained that this item was requested as an item on the agenda at the last Board meeting. This followed a decision by the Cabinet member to go against the Boards previous recommendation not to implement the traffic regulation order. He explained that the Traffic Regulation Order was currently in a trial period.


The Chairman invited the Board to ask questions and the following points were made:


  1. There is objection throughout the area to the proposals.
  2. The decision at the Board meeting was unanimous not to implement.
  3. The proposals were not necessary at this time and would cause damage to the local community including those with disabilities that require parking outside their homes.
  4. It was stated in the report that it was recommended that the parking restrictions at Thanington Road/St Nicholas road are not implemented as they would not be required for the next few years.


It was proposed, seconded and when put to vote AGREED that a letter be sent to the Cabinet Member for Planning Highways Transport and Waste, requesting him to rescind his decision and cancel the parking restrictions recommended in the original report. 


Record for the voting: 


For: Clark, Cook, Flack, Gower, Harvey-Quirke, Linfield, Marsh, Northey, Smith, Spooner, Thomas and Wilson (12)

Against: None

Abstain: Mr R. Thomas (1)



Town wide 20mph speed limit for Herne Bay pdf icon PDF 44 KB

To consider the recommendation from the Herne Bay Forum.


(Members of the public Alan Porter and Martin Vye spoke before discussion on this item)


The Chairman read out the recommendation made from Herne Bay Forum to the Board and invited the Board to make comments, the following points were made:


  1. The 20mph speed limit trail along the Herne Bay seafront has been successful. 
  2. Clarification on what issues need resolving should be sought before undertaking further work.
  3. Enforcement of 20mph zones needs to be considered.
  4. Emissions from cars at lower speed limits should be examined.
  5. The speed limit restrictions would be safer for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.
  6. Education of motorists regarding speed is needed.


The Highway Engineer for Canterbury (KCC) confirmed the proposal is currently being reviewed by Schemes Delivery Team within KCC but that further surveys may be required that may delay the report back to the Board.  It was agreed that the exploration of 20 mph zones in Herne Bay and Canterbury will come back as a future agenda item.



Highway Works Programme pdf icon PDF 145 KB



The District Highway Manager introduced the report which updated the Board on identified schemes approved for construction and the Chairman asked for any comments. It was agreed that comments would be made directly to the District Highways Manager.



Monitoring of previous decisions pdf icon PDF 50 KB

The attached list indicates the current position regarding decisions on highway matters.


The Board NOTED the decisions.


Date of next meeting


Any other urgent business to be dealt with in public


There was no business discussed.


Any other urgent business which falls under the exempt provisions of either schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 or the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or both


There was no business discussed.