Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Report back on notice of motion: Digital services (minute 542) ref: 92808/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Council Tax Base ref: 92508/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Council Tax Support Scheme 2020/21 onwards (minute 538) ref: 92408/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Draft General Fund budget 2020/21 (minute 469) ref: 92108/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Community Committee - 27 November 2019 ref: 93108/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Whitstable Harbour Board - 15 November 2019 ref: 93408/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Minutes of the council meeting held on 17 October 2019 ref: 92908/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Audit Committee - 10 October 2019 ref: 93008/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Seaside byelaws (Minute 523) ref: 92308/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Policy and Resources Committee - 9 October, 13 November and 4 December 2019 ref: 93208/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Planning Committee - 17 September, 15 October, 12 November, 10 December 2019 ref: 93308/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Report back on notice of motion: Food poverty councillor champion (Minute 525) ref: 92608/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Report back on notice of motion: Redefining affordable housing (minute 541) ref: 92708/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Review of councillor allowances by the East Kent Joint Independent Remuneration Panel (minute 468) ref: 92008/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Cumulative Impact Assessment - Amendment to the policy (minute 521) ref: 92208/01/202008/01/2020Not for call-in
Climate Change Partnership Board ref: 91605/02/202005/02/2020Not for call-in
Corporate Plan Review - Consultation ref: 91405/02/202005/02/2020Not for call-in
Councillor involvement in working group activity ref: 91505/02/202005/02/2020Not for call-in
Shop Front Supplementary Planning Document (Consultation) ref: 91805/02/202005/02/2020Not for call-in
Public Art Policy ref: 91905/02/202005/02/2020Not for call-in
Park and Ride Contract ref: 91705/02/202005/02/2020Not for call-in