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Westgate Parks Community Fitness Facility

help design and build an outdoor eco-functional training facility to promote free access to fitness and health to the whole community.

Calisthenics, also referred to as street workout, is a highly innovative and enjoyable form of exercise where participants use their own bodyweight as a form of resistance.

Often using pull up bars, monkey bars, parallel bars, ropes, rings and platforms of all varieties, calisthenics is a highly dynamic activity appealing to those of all ages and fitness levels.

Calisthenics produces very few barriers to participation making it far more inclusive, anticompetitive and less rigid than many other sports. As a result, such a facility would require minimal space and maintenance yet
offer a unique means of bringing the community together within a safe environment with focus on encouraging positive health and fitness.

With over 15 payment membership gyms in Canterbury this will be a free public facility offering an unique opportunity for the less financially able residents to participate in a professional fitness environment.

Despite its vastly growing popularity within the UK, the provision of specialist calisthenics training facilities within the Kent district are extremely low or non existing.

Many Canterbury residents have already shown great support and positive feedback for the eco-functional training facility. Together with help from our local council we aim to put Canterbury on the map by building a flagship calisthenics facility together which will set the example, promoting public unity within health and fitness throughout the southeast.

This petition is to kindly request Canterbury City Council to grant the provisions and location for the installation of an eco-functional training facility for the community.

This ePetition ran from 15/04/2018 to 17/04/2019 and has now finished.

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