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Cycle superhighway around town centre

To support the creation of a proper connected cycle path that would enable cyclists of all ages to travel safely in both directions around the town centre throughout the day.

Currently it is both difficult and dangerous to cycle continuously around Canterbury city (without getting off and pushing the bike/crossing illegally in places/using pedestrian-only access/taking major detours along roads significant distances away from town). There is enough road space so that if one lane were converted into a cycle lane in each direction this would have the benefit of allowing everyone to cycle safely (including children, tourists and older people), and discouraging car traffic on the ring road. The climate crisis, biodiversity crisis and health crises from pollution require that we go beyond ‘reasonable’ small steps outlined in the current air quality plan to embrace more ambitious and necessary action, as taking place in leading cities around the world.

This ePetition runs from 16/01/2020 to 29/08/2020.

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