Local - City and Parish - Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

Election summary for Wards
Wards Elected candidates Elected party or parties
Barton Pat Edwards Labour
Connie Nolan Labour
Dave Wilson Labour
Beltinge Ian Henry Stockley Conservative
Jeanette Lee Stockley Conservative
Blean Forest Barbara Anne Flack Conservative
Alex Ricketts Liberal Democrats
Dan Smith Liberal Democrats
Chartham and Stone Street Matthew Jones-Roberts Conservative
Robert Thomas Conservative
Chestfield Jenny Samper Conservative
Pat Todd Conservative
Gorrell George Caffery Labour
Chris Cornell Labour
Valerie Ann Kenny Labour
Greenhill Dan Watkins Conservative
Herne and Broomfield Anne Mary Dekker Conservative
Joe Howes Conservative
Heron Andrew Cook Conservative
David Thomas Conservative
Steve Wilson-Hamilton Conservative
Little Stour and Adisham Louise Jones-Roberts Conservative
Nailbourne Michael John Sole Liberal Democrats
Northgate Alan Baldock Labour
Jean Butcher Labour
Reculver Rachel Lois Carnac Conservative
Seasalter Ashley John Clark Conservative
Colin Gerald Spooner Conservative
St Stephen's Mel Dawkins Labour
Terry Westgate Conservative
Sturry Georgina Ann Glover Conservative
Louise Harvey-Quirke Conservative
Swalecliffe Ian Thomas Conservative
Tankerton Neil Stephen Baker Conservative
West Bay Peter Dixon Vickery-Jones Conservative
Westgate Michael Paul Dixey Liberal Democrats
Gill Gower Labour
Wincheap Nick Eden-Green Liberal Democrats
Derek Stephen Maslin Liberal Democrats