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Local Children's Partnership Group


(Formerly the Canterbury Children’s Operational Group (CCOG).


Local Children’s Partnership Groups’ primary purpose is to drive improvement in specific outcomes for local children and young people. The work of Local Children’s Partnership Groups support both the development and delivery of Kent’s Children and Young People’s Plan - which will be aligned to aims and ambitions of the Children’s Health and Wellbeing Board (CHWB). LCPGs play a key role in relation to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and as such provide an important link between the Kent Safeguarding Children Board (KSCB) and local services and organisations working with children and young people.


Local Children’s Partnership Groups (LCPGs) ensure a consistent approach to partnership working at district level across Kent. They provide a connection between countywide strategic bodies and those working with children and young people at a local level. The work of each LCPG should be highly-focussed, data-driven and underpinned at all times by delivering a measurable improvement in selected indicators.


The activity of the group will include:

·       Sharing information to provide understanding of local services and their thresholds

·       Providing a vehicle for identifying and addressing local needs and gaps in service provision

·       Facilitating and pooling resources to meet the needs of local children and families.

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Janine Hodges